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Okay, Since I have nothing else to do, here part 1/2 of my team.

First up we have...Dylan, the Jolteon! An interesting fact, it likes to wear a bandana. Dunno why.
These are his moves!
Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Strength, and Shadow Ball.

Next up, we have...Ayo, the Heracross! An interesting fact, it has stubby legs, so it has a hard time running. Also, it helped us catch a  wild Swalot with False Swipe!
These are his moves!
Aerial Ace, False Swipe,  Megahorn, and Close Combat. Heracross used to have Endure and Reversal, but most of his attacks would miss, and Pokemon it and knocked it out too easily because of low hp.

Then, we have... Narwhal the Furret! Narwhal is one of my favorites, and takes the shape of one of my favorite animals: Ferrets! He likes to wear glasses in confidence of using his one-hit wonder, Sucker Punch!
These are his moves.
Slam, Sucker Punch, Brick Break and Charm! Why? BECAUSE GHOST TYPES SUCK. (by the way, it's my opinion, not yours.)


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United States
I'm Michael, an 11- year old derp. I want to catch them all. I. Will. Catch them all. No matter what! My partner is Riptide, my Feraligatr. Oh, and I usually draw Pokemon!

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